Posted by: Anja | November 13, 2011

Potato & Leek Soup

I am sick. Given that I am rarely sick, being sick sucks. Especially as it has been a week that I have been symptom-free. Do you hate the sensitive feeling of the area around your nose (because you’ve used so many tissues) as much as I do? It’s just so maddening that we can be all excited about something but if our body decides to turn against us, we’re just screwed. Nothing that we can do against that.

Okay, enough complaining. Though me being sick is one of the reasons for this post. Since I can’t seem to focus on work right now, I’m left with (stressed, because I feel guilty for not working) free time on my hands which I used to catch up on some cooking. And what better thing to prepare when you’re sick than soup? I think, I’ve already blogged about potato soup a few months back, but there are so many different potato soup variations that I don’t think that it will hurt to share another and completely different recipe with you. The recipe I used as basis for this soup actually calls the soup ‘baked potato soup’ which I think is a little bit weird since the potatoes are not baked. It’s supposed to refer to what you would put onto a baked tomato (leek and sour cream?!). Americans definitely can be weird.

Potato and Leek Soup
idea adapted from SmittenKitchen

 1kg of potatoes
1 garlic head
2 medium leeks
50g of butter
800ml vegetable stock
400ml of water
100g sour cream

First step: Preheat a large pot to medium-high heat. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. Cut the leeks into about 3mm wide rings. Set both ingredients aside separately. Top off about one third of the garlic head and squeeze out the garlic from the upper part. Remove all papery skin from the lower part.

Second step: Melt the butter in the pot. Add the garlic tops and leek and let them soften. Stir from time to time to keep from burning. Add the vegetable stock and 200ml water. Carefully put in the garlic head (cut side down). Let simmer for about 40 minutes.

Third step: Remove the garlic head. Add the remaining 200ml of water and the potatoes and let the mixture simmer for another 25 minutes. Add half of the sour cream and then use a hand mixer to incorporate all ingredients into one smooth soup. Add the remaining sour cream and pinch of salt and stir to combine. Serve immediately.


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