Posted by: Anja | February 20, 2011

Cranberry Lemon Pecan Cookies

My creation! :D

Okay, I got a basic recipe from one of my favorite food pages, but I changed a couple of things. 1) I used dried cranberries instead of fresh ones (still don’t like the fresh ones, they are just too bitter for my taste). 2) I switched from orange flavor to lemon flavor. 3) Omitted the frosting – too much! See, basically it’s a completely new recipe!! :D

I stumbled across this recipe because last week my food choices were kind of limited since I had not been food shopping for about two weeks at that point. Therefore the dried cranberries and nuts. Basic ingredients for cake/cookies/muffins etc. are always in my refrigerator or on the shelfs, which is something most people don’t understand. Why do I need four different kinds of flour? And why more than two pounds of each? Well, so that I can make cookies whenever I want to – isn’t that obvious? :)

Cranberry Lemon Pecan Cookies
idea adapted from Best Cookie Ever Collection

220g sugar
100g brown sugar
230g butter, room temperature
1 lemon
1 egg
300g flour
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
pinch of salt
100-150g dried cranberries
50-100g pecans

First step: Preheat the oven to 190°C. Mix the different kinds of sugar together with the egg and the butter until everything is combined smoothly. Grate the lemon and add the zest. Add the juice of this lemon as well. Whisk to combine.

Second step: Separately, combine the flour, baking soda and salt. Add iteratively to the butter mixture and use a spoon or your hands to incorporate completely. Add the cranberries and pecans. How much you add of them is completely up to you and depends on your taste. I prefer to be a bit heavier on the cranberries though. :)

Third step: Drop dollops, about 1 tablespoon, of the dough onto a prepared cookie sheet (either with baking parchment or oiled). The cookies will flatten out, so leave about 1cm space between them. Put them into the oven for about 12 minutes until they are a light golden on the top. They will appear a bit too soft, but will harden once they cool down. I needed two baking trays to complete the whole batch. The recipe makes about 25 cookies.

Fourth step: Let cool down completely or until slightly warm and then enjoy with milk, tea or whatever you prefer. :)

These cookies are awesome for a quick bite to brighten up your day. They are a little bit on the buttery side, so eating many of them is not too advised. I ate six of them right after I made them anyway. Just too good and I’m weak when it comes to cookies. And scones. Hmm…


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