Posted by: Anja | December 9, 2010

Raisin Cookies

Christmas is coming! And when Christmas is coming, that means: Cookie time! Last year, a friend of mine and me made cookies together, about seven different sorts, for example these amazing coconut macaroons that were a little bit like a caipirinha in a cookie. This year, i decided on five different kinds of cookies: Pecan Pillow Cookies, Cranberry Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, the traditional German Vanillekipferl, Jam Thumb-print Cookies and Raisin Cookies. I think all of them were actually a success, though the Vanillekipferl were gone first. It’s a little piece of home when you’re that far away, so I guess that’s pretty understandable. :)

The raisin cookies that are todays topic, are simple tea cookies that I thought fit wonderfully to the Christmas theme as raisins somehow are part for me in Christmas food. It’s like walnuts and oranges: All these things hint of Christmas and I use them definitely more frequently in times like this than during the year in general. I liked the simplicity of making these cookies, they are not dry, not too sweet and I can see myself sipping hot cocoa and nibbling on them rather easily, I think they are perfect for exactly such a scenario.

Raisin Cookies
idea adapted from Italian Food Forever

220ml water
230g butter
150g raisins
3 eggs
220g sugar
420g flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
pinch of salt

First step: Preheat your oven to 175°C. In a medium-sized pot combine the water and the raisins, then bring the water to a boil. When it boils, add the butter and let simmer for two to three minutes. Take off the stove.

Second step: In a bowl, combine the eggs and sugar, then add the flour, salt and baking powder and stir to combine. Add the raisin butter mixture and whisk everything together until all the ingredients have been fully integrated.

Third step: Put baking parchment on a baking tray and drop dollops of the dough on top, leaving about 2-3cm space between the cookies. The dough is too much as to make it on only one baking tray, it will probably take 2-3 trays to bake all the cookies. Bake them for 15-20 minutes, until they are slightly browned on top, then take out and let cool down. They can be eaten slightly warm or completely cooled down.

For my cookies, I used half of the recipe and I got about 20 of them. :)


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