Posted by: Anja | September 10, 2010

Simple, but effective

I’m often told that my food, especially whatever I bake, is pretty heavy. Okay, my lasagna recipe includes around one pound of cheese, but shouldn’t some things in life be enjoyed and not questioned? Cheese is one of the best things in life – at least I think so. It comes in so many flavors, okay here in America not, but in general ;), and is so versatile. “Real” cheese, like mozzarella, parmesan and goat cheese, is really expensive over here, I paid like $7 for one piece of goat cheese just two days ago. Well, there are a couple of things I can pass on, good food is not one them. That’s why I’m enjoying every piece of that goat cheese! :D

A couple of days back I found a pretty simple recipe for an omelet on one of my food recipe pages. Omelet is really simple, you can make it in less than 10 minutes, so a perfect recipe if you’re in a hurry, but need something hot and substantial to eat. To pimp up the common recipe, which consists of eggs, salt and pepper, the author of this recipe suggested to buy goat cheese. Now you know, why I bought expensive cheese. ;)
As you can see in the picture, I made an arugula and tomato salad as side dish and used a bagel to give it a finishing touch. I actually never used arugula before, so I was a bit surprised that it is quite bitter. My tip: Don’t eat arugula without either a piece of the omelet or a tomato at the same time, the combination is quite tasty, but without it becomes too bitter (at least for my taste).

Goat Cheese Omelet
idea adapted from eatsmarter (German)

10g butter
6 eggs
black pepper
ca. 10 small tomatoes
50g goat cheese
ca. 30g arugula
bread to go with the omelet

First step: Melt the butter in a medium-sized pan to medium heat. Separate four eggs, use the egg whites and combine them with the two remaining (whole) eggs thoroughly. Pour the eggs into the pan and sprinkle salt and black pepper on top. Don’t stir!

Second step: Wash the arugula, then cut it into small pieces and put aside. Wash the tomatoes, put aside. Break the cheese into small pieces. When the eggs are not liquid anymore, turn them onto the other side. Sprinkle them with the goat cheese and leave the combination in the pan for another two to three minutes.

Third step: Arrange the arugula, tomatoes and bread on a plate, roll the omelet a bit and put next to your side dishes. Sprinkle some arugula on top of the omelet and serve directly.

Pretty simple, right? And it looks so much more complicated! I love these kind of recipes. ;)


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