Posted by: Anja | September 8, 2010

I just found so many pictures from July…

… but I’ll probably never show them to you. Or maybe as best of what you shouldn’t do. Seriously, July was a bit of a culinary disaster. I just went through my pictures and half of the food that I made back then was edible but not for someone else besides me. And I just ate it because I was hungry. Well, nevertheless I was determined to make a lot of recipes in July and I just noticed one that I didn’t show you yet.

The recipe I’ll describe now is a general recipe. Especially if you do not want to make much of a fuzz of preparing food, risotto (yeah, we’re back to my risotto streak) is a really easy way to make something really good in no time. All you need is butter, stock, risotto rice and whatever vegetables and cheese you want to throw in. As you know from previous posts, shrimp risotto is also an alternative, but I think that for a good shrimp risotto it is essential to use fish stock and throw in parmesan and lemon at the end. The basic risotto recipe in this post is not that specific. If you are keen on goat cheese, just switch the mozzarella for goat cheese, add some more scallions and and less tomatoes. Whatever works best for you! Important is the fresh stock! I think I mentioned that already a couple of times, but don’t use powder to make chicken or vegetable stock! It would really screw up any recipe!

Cheese and Tomato Risotto
idea adapted from eatsmarter (German)

1 cup risotto rice
50ml white wine
50g butter
50-70g cheese, mozzarella or goat cheese work best
10-15 small tomatoes
1-2 scallions
250ml chicken or vegetable stock
1 tablespoon fresh basil or parsley
black pepper

First step: Melt half of the butter in a medium-sized pan to medium heat. Add the rice and let brown a bit. Stir from time to time.

Second step: In the meantime, cut the scallions and the herb of your choice into small pieces separately and wash the tomatoes. Add the white wine to the rice and continue to stir from time to time.

Third step: Add one to two ladles of the stock whenever the liquids have been absorbed by the rice. Continue to stir and adding stock until nearly all of the stock is gone. Test the rice to verify that it’s nearly through. If it’s not through, continue adding stock or if you’re out of stock, add water.

Fourth step: Add the tomatoes, stir for another two minutes before adding the scallions. The last ladle should be spooned in at the same time as the scallions are added. When the stock has been absorbed, add the remaining butter, throw in the herb and the cheese. Season with salt and pepper to your taste and serve immediately.

As you can see from the list of ingredients, this recipe is really flexible. I personally like a combination of 2 scallions/10 tomatoes/goat cheese and chicken stock. But sometimes I also feel like mozzarella (yeah, I actually feel that! ;) ), so I increase the number of tomatoes to go with it. Just try it out for yourself and determine, what combination suits you best!


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