Posted by: Anja | July 23, 2010

Sweet or refreshing?

That were my decision options when I just thought about the topic of todays post. I chose refreshing. As probably most of you noticed, the last weeks were kind of… warm. Well, really they were hot with the temperature dropping seldom below 30°C. You can’t cook during that time! And I am not the only one saying that (even if that would be sufficient in itself ;) ). I read the blogs I usually check regularly for recipes just yesterday and all of them were basically saying ‘No new recipes, cooking in this heat is utter madness!’. Well they’re right. Still, one has to eat, so what are the options? Salad! The classic. It’s fresh but seriously, does anyone ever experience the feeling that he’s really full after eating salad? To me it’s just a snack, but no complete meal… Other options? Soup – there are a couple of soups like cucumber soup that you can eat even cold. (Note to myself: Try to make cucumber soup someday soon.) What else? Hmm… Well sandwiches are always an alternative. And something more advanced than sandwiches? Wraps! We finally hit todays topic! :)

Long introduction, short conclusion: Wraps are refreshing with all the salad and fresh vegetables that go with a good wrap filling. On the other hand it’s something solid if you mix in some cold meat and of course you have the wrap itself. Carbohydrates are important – at least in my food chain. You can cut short on them in the wrap dough if you’re using whole wheat flour. This recipe actually does so by design, so for all of you that are set on reducing carbohydrate input: Today’s you lucky day! ;)

Salad and Chicken Wraps
idea adapted from eatsmarter (German)

300g whole wheat flour
250ml milk
250ml mineral water
4 eggs
300g chicken breast
sesame oil
black pepper
200g peas
6-7 leafs of (iceberg) lettuce
5 leaves basil
250g low fat curd cheese
red bell pepper spice

First step: Start by making the dough for the wraps. In a bowl, combine the flour with a pinch of salt, 2 eggs, the milk and the mineral water. Whisk everything together smoothly and put aside for 30 minutes.

Second step: Start preparing your filling: Wash the chicken and cut it into small mouth-sized pieces. Heat a medium pan with about two tablespoons of sesame oil inside to medium heat. Add the chicken and turn from time to time until it’s through. Take it off the stove.

Third step: Put the peas into a small pot together with a cup of normal water and heat them. When the water is heated, leave simmering for another 2-3 minutes, take off and drain the peas. Put aside.

Fourth step: Cut the basil into small pieces and mix together with the curd cheese in a small bowl. Add a pinch of salt and of black pepper and two pinches of the bell pepper spice.

Fifth step: In a small pot, cook the remaining two eggs for 8 minutes. Take off and shock with cold water. While the eggs are cooling down, cut the lettuce leaves to small pieces and set aside. Peel the eggs and cut them into small cubes.

Sixth step: By now 20-25 minutes should have passed. Take a short break and then get back to the stove and heat a crêpes pan with a tablespoon of sesame oil to medium heat. Add one ladle of the wrap dough and spread evenly in the pan. Turn after 2-3 minutes, depending on your set heat. Add one tablespoon of sesame oil again and repeat making the wraps until all the dough is used.

Seventh step: Now start filling the wraps by first adding the curd cheese mixture at the bottom, then spreading the vegetables and egg pieces on top. Add some of the chicken. Fold two opposites sides of the wrap on top of the filling (about 2-3cm overlap). Then roll from the non-overlapped side like a normal (German) pancake. Cut the wrap in the middle into two pieces and put on a serving dish. Fill all the wraps like that and serve together.

The amount described here is enough to really fill four people. And the best part is that it’s not even heavy – perfect summer food. The taste is a bit out of the box and unusual, but really fresh. You can even spice it up with fresh tomatoes – I served them aside, but I guess they could be integrated as well. Enjoy the summer!


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