Posted by: Anja | July 21, 2010

With exams coming up…

… I tend to get pretty evasive and start cooking – a lot. That’s why I have currently a lot of pictures on hold to be displayed here in this blog, but I just don’t come around to post them as by the time I’ve finished cooking and eating, my bad conscience catches up with me and I have to study. Well, my conscience is currently taking a break, that’s why I feel free to show you this easy to make but expensive tasting pasta dish. Classy combination to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend. ;)

I currently have a tendency to fast dishes as I am in the exam period and theoretically I don’t have that much time. Well, my brain needs some timeouts and cooking, eating, sleeping and watching Gilmore Girls are favored past-times in this episode of knowledge. I think balancing between learning and relaxing is rather important in the stressful weeks that lead to the exam periods. Without them the mind just draws blanks when they are not needed, for example during exam. All the more reason to cook and enjoy cooking. And last but not least, I can’t let you go through live without knowing the most important dishes to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend with.

Goat Cheese Pasta with Small Tomatoes
idea adapted from eatsmarter (German)

10 small tomatoes
1 small garlic clove
4 basil leaves
60g goat cheese (roll without crust)
125g spaghetti
2 tablespoons of olive oil
black pepper

First step: Wash and dry the tomatoes, put aside. Cut the basil leaves to small pieces and put aside. Cut the garlic to small pieces and put aside. Start preparing the spaghetti as usual in a large pot.

Second step: Heat a small pan to low-medium heat once you’ve put the spaghetti into the pot. Pour in the olive oil and let it get heated.

Third step: Add the garlic and stir from time to time for 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, stir for another 3-4 minutes. The tomatoes are not supposed to brown, just get a little softer and warm (of course). Break the cheese into small pieces and add to the pan.

Fourth step: The spaghetti should be done at about the same time you’re adding the cheese, so drain them. When the cheese is slightly melted, add the spaghetti to the pan and use a wooden spoon to combine everything. The cheese should coat the spaghetti. Add the salt and pepper to taste.

Fifth step: Sprinkle basil on top and serve immediately. Enjoy!

As I’ve said: Really easy! And the goat cheese and tomatoes give it a really classy touch. This recipe is for one person only, so if you’re preparing the dish for more people, adjust the recipe accordingly.


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