Posted by: Anja | May 13, 2010

Shouldn’t holidays be sunshiny?

At least that’s what I expect and would be good. This weather is just… not good. To be honest, it sucks. Especially if you have to get to the train by bike. Okay, enough bitching for today. Or maybe not as I’ve got another reason to be bad tempered. I’m still sick! Since nearly two months on and off. It’s probably the weather. *******.

There are highlights. Mostly food, which is good and bad. Good, because it just tastes good and it makes you happy at least for a couple of minutes and hours in which you prepare, eat and enjoy. Bad, because after all that you have to go jogging, warding off the threat of too many calories. My roommate and I went jogging two days ago in the evening at 9pm. The sky looked ready to explode, with lightning striking the horizon and enormous gray cloud masses forming up above our heads. Unfortunately it didn’t rain while we were out, because I bet with my roommate that it would. I would have gotten Kinderschokolade. Yes, life sucks!

On the topic of food: I bought chicken the last week-end for a friend who staid over a couple of days. Instead of eating what I bought, we spontaneously decided to make Obatzda and buy pretzels, therefore the chicken drums were left over. In addition, I had some left-over buttermilk from the muffins and cakes I baked last week because of a party. Well, you think that chicken + buttermilk doesn’t work? It actually does! I was really, really skeptic when I made this, because chicken and buttermilk??? My skepticism is self-explaining, isn’t it? But if you spruce this combination up with pepper, herbs and onions, it’s really something to enjoy.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
idea adapted from

500g chicken drums
2 teaspoons fresh basil
2 teaspoons fresh parsley
1/2 white onion
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/4 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

100g flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 teaspoon paprika
100ml canola oil

First step: Wash and dry the chicken, put aside. Cut the onion, basil and parsley into large pieces. Mix with the buttermilk in a box that has a lid.

Second step: Add the paprika, pepper and thyme to the mixture and stir to combine. Now put the chicken into the box and turn it so that it is evenly coated with buttermilk. Try to spread the onion, basil and parsley evenly under and over the chicken drums. Put into the refrigerator for at least 8 hours, I left it in there for 15 hours.

Third step: Heat a medium pan to medium-high heat. Pour the oil into the pan. The oil shouldn’t be smoking hot, but if you sprinkle flour into the pan, it should sizzle.

Fourth step: While the oil is heating up, mix the remaining ingredients for the frying crust. Now retrieve the drumsticks from the refrigerator and take them out of the buttermilk mixture. Don’t clean them, but remove the onions and herbs that stick to the flesh. Leave the buttermilk coating!

Fifth step: Coat the drumsticks completely with the flour mixture. When the oil has heated up, throw them into the pan – take care, it sizzles! Use tongs to turn them around. The original recipe says 12-15 minutes on one side, but that would have burned my chicken completely. 3-4 minutes per side and an overall amount of 15-20 minutes should get your chicken browned and completely through. Enjoy with fresh bread or fries.

I really liked this recipe and I think I’ll definitely make it again. Maybe for the upcoming world championship in football. Such a cliché! I think it is possible to vary the herbs according to what you prefer, just give it a try. Personally, I wouldn’t go too green (basil, parsley, thyme), but more red (paprika, cayenne pepper). :)


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