Posted by: Anja | March 26, 2010


Yesterday I checked up on my various blogs for any additional recipes and that’s what I found! Hazelnut cookies, in my version filled with milk chocolate. I’m normally not that into nuts, because I often find sweet nut recipes too dry for my taste. I don’t know what got into me yesterday, but I was like “Hell, I have to make those!” and that’s what I did. About 30 minutes after I read the article, I was standing in my kitchen and preparing the cookies. Fortunately I had everything at home. Makes spontaneity so much easier.

I had some difficulties during my execution, which resulted in cookies where the dough was a bit too liquid, that’s why the cookies flattened out more than I expected. Much more than I expected. Anyway, they still taste really good! Nut recipes are not that sweet in the overall taste and I am currently not in the mood for too sweet recipes after the banana cake and the cream cheese blondies I ate this week.

Hazelnut Cookies
idea adapted from

80g grounded hazelnuts
130g sugar
130g flour
pinch of salt
120g butter, slightly cold
1 large egg
1 package vanilla sugar
jam or chocolate

First step: Preheat the oven to 160°C. Combine the hazelnuts, the flour and the salt in a bowl and knead in the butter. You have to use your hands for it, because at least my hand mixer couldn’t manage to mix everything properly. It’s rather easy using your hands.

Second step: Add the egg and the sugar step by step and whisk to combine. The dough should not be sticky. I used a bit of milk to counteract that I was not using vanilla extract as proposed, but that made the dough really, really, really sticky! Don’t try it!

Third step: Now form little balls of doughs using a heaved teaspoon as measurement and put them on a parched baking tray, if your refrigerator is large enough that you can put the tray into the refrigerator afterwards. Else, use a plate for in-between storage. Put the dough balls into the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Fourth step: If you use chocolate as filling, you can either use chocolate chips or baking chocolate, another option for the filling is jam. Chocolate chips and jam can be directly used and need not be prepared while baking chocolate has to be melted to be used as filling.

Fifth step: Retrieve the dough balls from the refrigerator and put them onto a baking tray if you haven’t done that already. Make a small hole in the middle of the dough balls where you pour in the filling. Put the tray into the oven. For me, it took 20 minutes and then letting the cookies cool another 5 minutes in the oven with the heat turned off. The original recipe says that only 12-15 minutes are needed, so I think that the time here is rather depending on the oven you are using. Just check in on the cookies from time to time. Enjoy!

Well, the cookies are made really fast and can be enjoyed already when still warm. I really liked them, though I needed one or two cookies to get used to the taste. As you can see in the picture, my dough was really rather liquid, normally the cookies are supposed to keep the shape that they have when pouring in the filling. Didn’t work out for me, I guess. Laugh at me all you want, I’ll be better prepared the next time and maybe have a look at the pictures that are in the original recipe.



  1. Mmmh, that looks fine! Why doesn’t my webbrowser allow these cookies to be transferred to me?! ;-( I hope some are left on sunday :-)

    • don’t count on it :D

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