Posted by: Anja | March 14, 2010

If I think about it…

nearly everything I’m making and that is non-sweet has garlic as an ingredient. I don’t intend to use garlic that often, but obviously I tend to try those recipe with garlic in them. Is garlic a guarantor for good food? At least for me that seems to fit, though I’ll try to unearth some new, good and garlic-free recipes just for the sake of comparability.

The recipe that I’m publishing today is one that I’ve been using on and off for some years now. It’s really simple though it takes some time in the making but it’s a good way to spent left-over feta. As I usually don’t have recipes where a 200g pack of feta is used completely, I often have some left-over feta to work with. Well, one way of using that cheese in a sensible way is to combine it with garlic and sour cream, put it onto puff dough and let an oven do all the work. Another example of spending it in a useful way is to combine it with grounded beef and put that into puff dough. I like combining feta and puff dough! ;)

Feta Garlic Pieces

100g feta
100g sour cream
1 small clove of garlic
black pepper, grounded
herbs to taste

First step: Cut the feta into small pieces and combine the feta with the sour cream in a bowl. Use a fork to press the feta to create a creamy consistence.

Second step: Cut the garlic and add it together with a little bit of salt and more pepper to the cream mixture. You can put in some herbs like dried basil or parsley if you like them. Stir to combine.

Third step: Roll out the puff dough and spread the feta cream on top. Don’t spread it all over the dough, but only at the sides, leaving approximately 8cm of cream free space in the middle of the dough like shown in the picture.

Fourth step: Start rolling the dough from the sides to the middle on both ends and then put the dough into the freezer for about one hour.

Fifth step: Preheat the oven to 200°C. Take the dough out of the freezer and cut it into even pieces. Place them on a baking parchment and put the baking tray into the oven. The time needed here is depending on the oven you’re using, for me it took about 15 minutes on 200°C and 5 more minutes that the tray staid in the oven after I turned the heat off. Enjoy either cold or warm!

You can use this recipe in multiple ways. As a snack for a tv evening, for a picnic or as finger food if you’re throwing a party. They can be eaten cold and be prepared in advance, like a day ahead, which makes them a very sensible choice. I definitely advise you to try making them sometime, you won’t be disappointed!


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