Posted by: Anja | February 10, 2010

Starting this blog…

Hey guys!

As promised to a couple of friends, from this day on I will blog about my experience when creating food for myself or for others, especially concentrating on sweet recipes – which are anyway my favorites. I guess, I will include every recipe that catches my attention and is worth any mentioning, whether positive or negative. As I am not such a good cook, my scope will be on easy to prepare but still tasty food.

I am glad for any participation, either commenting “oh yes, you are right, that recipe is really good” or negative comments. Although I have to say that positive comments are way better! Ah yes, if I do cook for myself or search the internet for recipes, I tend to choose vegetarian stuff over meat recipes, so if you have any wish for me commenting on such recipes as well – remind me! Any participation will give me a boost to continue writing, so comment!

As I am currently not at home but at work with a couple of empty cookie bins, I’ll post the recipes that led to these empty bins and my comments on them later on in the evening! Or maybe just one recipe, to keep you interested… ;)



  1. Hey Anja,

    very much liked your cookies today – if only they were low carb ;)

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